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ManyMedical Physicians provide Educational Seminar to Workers Compensation Law Offices on the topic of Cumulative Trauma Injuries.

E-sports, which are organized video game competitions between professional gamers, have risen in popularity. Hundreds of millions of viewers watch these competitions, and prizes are awarded in the tens of millions. All eSports have a risk of injury, professional or regular gamer. In general, the more playing games, the greater the risk of a wrist or psychological injury. The most injuries in eSports athletes are due to repetitive wrist motion or Cumulative Trauma.

The most frequent types of eSports injuries are

Hand and Wrist injuries, perhaps they are the most common ones in eSports (electronic sports). The required speed and movement of the mouse can exhaust a player's dominate hand to the point of crippling pain after just one game session. No matter how ergonomic the mouse and keyboards may be, players are starting to drop out of eSports, which raises the question if eSports needs to reform.

As with any sport, players on the professional scene have a limited lifetime. Joints eventually give out, but eSports is a particularly young sport, with no statistics or health information for how much you can (or should) push a player's body in practice or during a tournament. 


Our educational seminar is not only requirement of the position, but the standard for the industry.


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