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Medical-Legal Experts

medical legl experts


ManyMedical specializes in providing top multi-specialty med-legal evaluators

for the California Workers' Compensation Industry. We have multiple locations throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, Kern County, the Inland Empire, and now Sacramento. Our goal is to offer an exceptional group of medical specialists to both attorneys and insurers to meet their specific evaluation needs.

Our Med-Legal Experts Provide Top Medical-Legal Services:

Workers' Compensation Evaluations:

Our physicians are experienced, board-certified doctors who hold QME/AME status. They are well-known and respected within the workers' compensation community. These compassionate doctors possess many years of medical experience, enabling them to generate thoughtful, well-documented reports that encompass appropriate testing and a thorough review of records. They are adept at addressing the concerns of both parties involved.


When you're ready to schedule an evaluation appointment, simply give us a call. Our QME/AME physicians are seasoned practitioners well-versed in creating reports that adhere to AMA impairment editing and ACOEM guidelines and are duly recognized as such.

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